The Salvation Army and Convoy of Hope Meet the Needs of Ukrainian Refugees

"The Salvation Army is beyond grateful to Convoy of Hope for joining with us in this service." by Robert Barlow

Twenty-eight pallets of food recently left a Convoy of Hope warehouse in Missouri to begin a journey of hope – a journey more than 5,500 miles long. The food, gathered with the help of generous Salvation Army donors, relieved some of the significant food insecurity that has come about since the start of the Ukrainian crisis in February.

The Salvation Army’s long-standing presence in Ukraine began in 1993, meaning The Salvation Army was already part of the Ukrainian and neighboring communities in which they serve before the crisis began. Because of this, they were on the ground and able to respond immediately.

Convoy of Hope’s International Disaster Services team also immediately deployed to Poland in February and began working with Polish, Ukrainian, and Romanian partners to set up a supply chain network to send relief supplies into Ukraine. That network, partnered with The Salvation Army’s community investment, was a perfect match.

Where it has been safe to serve, The Salvation Army has pivoted programs to provide food, water, clothes, blankets, and emotional and spiritual care to those being displaced from their homes and who seek refuge – providing more than 25,000 refugees with food and shelter.

“The Salvation Army has continued to house, feed, and provide hygiene supplies and other basic life necessities, as well as medical assistance and spiritual guidance to many of the millions of refugees fleeing Ukraine,” said Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, National Commander for The Salvation Army.

Sometimes this assistance has come in the form of a hot meal, clothing, bedding, a toothbrush and toothpaste – and sometimes that assistance has come in the form of access to Wi-Fi or a phone, or especially a shoulder to lean on.

Additionally, Convoy of Hope has worked with local organizations in Poland to provide hot meals for refugees coming across the border, as Poland has received the largest number of Ukrainian refugees. A warehouse was acquired in Lublin, Poland, with product being sourced locally, donated across Europe, and shipped from the United States via donated air freight and containers.

“The Salvation Army has such an incredible history of meeting the needs of people,” said Convoy of Hope President Hal Donaldson. “This generous donation will continue to do that, affecting the lives of Ukrainians in a powerful way and helping Convoy of Hope continue its long-term response to this conflict.”

Perhaps the biggest area of need continues to be food insecurity across the region as more than 10 million people have been displaced since the crisis began.

“This partnership between The Salvation Army World Service Office and Convoy of Hope means that more than $800,000 in food is making its way to the region quickly and efficiently to help those most impacted by this crisis,” Commissioner Hodder added. “More than 180,000 people will be provided with meals, and The Salvation Army is beyond grateful to Convoy of Hope for joining with us in this service.  

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