1 John 4:7: “Beloved, Let Us Love.”

"Love is not something He does; Love is what He is. His love for us is never defeated by our hurtful behavior." by Rev. Diane Ury

Do you ever fight frustration or even despair over your failures to respond to people and situations in a way that you know you should? Unfortunately, I’m writing from personal experience, but this is what I’ve come to know with certainty– regardless of our weakness, God is Love. Love is not something He does; Love is what He is. His love for us is never defeated by our hurtful behavior. Unlike us, He loves because it is His nature, not because of anything we do or don’t do. Let this hold your heart in hope!

Also, God loves us in truth, so He is not satisfied to leave us in a predicament where we’re forever stuck with having to behave like jerks, continuously apologizing on repeat. He promised that if we humbly turn to Him, He can change us. He truly can cleanse and sweep away that dominant self-interest that reacts and harms. Because He loves us so completely, He will put His Life within ours. His Presence will search out our hearts, where thoughts, hidden even to ourselves, can creep and lurk. He will identify those and can dispel them.

His Love will quicken our powers of thinking and imagining. Yes, even after months of quarantine! He knows our job requirements, our families and our neighbors. He will ignite insight and instinct to see these as He does; to work creatively, be less irritable and love people well!

Amy Carmichael teaches that no matter how hard a full vessel is shaken or knocked around, it cannot spill out even one drop of bitterness if all that fills it is sweet.

You are beloved of God. Let Love love you to the uttermost so you are filled with creativity and compassion, free of selfishness and empowered with the most instinct to speak and respond with Love.


Lord, today, when my soul rises against one who tempts me to be impatient, demanding or superior, take hold of me. Embrace me in my weakness, and let me offer warmth and light from Your Love. Amen.

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